Igor®, the Siberian shape-shifter

(Men in underwear, sexual fetishes, plus a caption of mine. Not to everyone’s taste.)

Via Daily Jocks yesterday, this fetishwear vision:

(#1) Igor®, the Siberian shape-shifter

lifelike manikin for
Maskulo fetishwear,
fashioned in warm-
touch silicone —
model sexbuddy,
codpiece lover,
tough dream in
glowing neon green

Igor® in a darker, even more commercial, mood:

(#2) A vision in tight-fitting stretchable codpiece-ornamented neon spandex (and a top that’s 90% polyester, 10% elastane) that glows under UV light

(Note: I have no doubt that the model in #1 and #2 is an actual human being, but photographic retouching has made him look like a manikin — a well-designed manikin, true, but still an artifact and not a living being — so I ran with that in my caption.)

On the company, from its own site (enjoy the ad copy):

Why do we buy fetish clothes? Why are we ready for some sexy stuff to be delivered across the world? Because we all want to look sexy, we want to get our masculinity exposed.

Maskulo is the manufacturer of men’s fetish clothes and accessories located in [Novosibirsk in] Siberia, Russia. We ship everything internationally. Whether you like to watch guys wearing lycra shorts, spandex wrestling singlets, meggings [man leggings] or you prefer to wear this stuff yourself – welcome to Maskulo online store!

Why do we like fetish gear? Because these garments enhance the external male sexappeal and increase our internal sexuality. Mens leggings, jockstrap underwear, singlets or shorts made of stretching spandex, lycra, elastane have the incredible softness, smoothness and a special magnetism, attracting others. Some of our products are able to attract more attention to you – try sexy men’s jockstraps, Maskulo codpiece shorts or buy codpiece wrestling singlets. Don’t be shy – you can express your masculine nature wearing Maskulo stuff – so try and buy it!

Maskulo is a new company for DJ, though the firm already offers a good bit of fetishwear from other companies (discussion below).

The company name is clearly designed to suggest masculinity and muscularity, and possibly also masks in fetish play, maybe even Spanish más culo ‘more ass’. Maskulo does in fact offer masks / muzzles, notably this item:

(#3) El Musculón: un enmascarado más masculino

(I’ve named the model in Spanish, roughly ‘The Muscle-Hunk: a really masculine masked man’.)

Other fetishwear on this blog. Not long ago,

from 8/11/17, “Billy the Berlin Barboy”, with fetishwear from Barcode Berlin

But most notably, fetishwear from Cellblock 13 (a Timoteo brand headquartered in L.A.), in a number of postings, including these:

from 11/5/15, “On the cellblock, in the dugout, at an ambush”

from 7/21/17, “Getting into harness”

from 7/23/17, “Codpieces on Cellblock 13”

In the last, this crotch counterpart to #1 and #2:


Manikins. Back to Maskulo’s Igor (as I’ve named him) as a manikin rather than an actual man. A number of companies offer life-like sexmanikins, lovedolls, whatever, but the top of the line seems to be the L.A.-based firm Sinthetics, which creates:

Life size, super realistic, anatomically correct, poseable silicone dolls. Possible uses include love, sex, companionship, display, photography, muse.

… Sinthetics is an artisan doll company based in Southern California [in L.A.]. Our life size, fully articulated, anatomically correct sculptures bring a special flair, realism and attention to detail you wont find anywhere else. Each of our items is individually made by hand; we are not a factory or a manufacturer. This is an artisan studio where we make every item, no matter how small, with care and personal attention.

The items are both male and female. In each case, there are a few body and face templates that can be varied along many dimensions, including skin color, eye color, hair style, clothing, jewelry, and for the male models, facial hair style, body hair (chest hair? hairy forearms? treasure trail?), and of course style of penis. Instances of two of the prototypes, Akira and Gabriel:



They’re high-quality creations, made to order, so they’re seriously expensive.

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