On the cellblock, in the dugout, at an ambush

(The male body, man-man sex, and roles in sex. You have been warned.)

Yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad brings us some commanding presences:


Dominic in Dugout briefs


Mester in an Alpha harness

Dominic’s in control, and he
Knows what he wants you to
Do; submit to him. Or you can
Serve his brother
Mester; they’re both ready to
Take you.

We’re in the CellBlock 13 world of high masculinity, doms and subs, masters and slaves, and sexual fetishes.

#1 and #2 show the top side. Then there’s the CellBlock 13 bottom side. From a DNA magazine spread of 5/16/13:

First time model Jared Newmeyer recently posed for a new CellBlock 13 campaign. Shot by Timoteo Ocampo, Jared wears the new styles from the Riot and Renegade collections.


Jared on his knees, expectant but still defiant


Jared tied in service

Meanwhile, we’ve seen a gayboy in an Ambush wrestling singlet from CellBlock 13. The image repeated here:


The Ambush line comes with front and rear zippers, allowing the wearer to offer his cock or his ass, as he wishes. It’s consistent with a top or bottom presentation of the body and with a faggy or butch presentation of the self — faggy as in #5, butch in two (X-rated) images on AZBlogX, showing Ambush shorts (in yellow) and an Ambush singlet (in red).

More on ambushes in a moment. But first, some notes on CellBlock 13.

The firm has its own website here. And here’s JockstrapCentral’s description of the company:

CellBlock 13 designs jockstraps and fetish inspired sportswear is the answer to fetish meets fashion. Paying close attention to fit, comfort and fashion with consideration to how we all live, play and relax. For the guy who isn’t afraid to show off how he looks, how he feels and what he’s into.

Whether it’s ergonomically designed underwear, mesh pouched jockstraps, or wrestling singlets with the bum cut out, Cellblock 13 bridges fashion underwear and fetish play wear with bold colors and phenomenal design.

We’ve already heard about garments in the following lines from the company: Dugout, Alpha, Riot, Renegade, and Ambush. Further lines: Back Alley, G-Force, Enforcer (offering both ordinary jocks and “cruising jocks”), Ninja, Locker, Beer Bust, Deceptor, Stryker, Deviant, Cadet, Freshman, Samurai, Venom, Defender, Parolee. Unabashedly gay-oriented and offering allusions to stereotypically masculine locations and events (sports, the military, prisons, beer busts) and to force. aggression, and dangerousness. As far as I can tell, there’s no Back Alley cruising jock, but then nobody’s perfect.

On harnesses: Mester in #2 is wearing an Alpha harness (a wide bulldog harness), to show off his alpha-male power. On harnesses on this blog: a 8/10/13 posting with (cross) harnesses from Sears, of all places. And on AZBlogX, a 9/8/13 posting on harnesses, with five images, only one of them X-rated; both cross harnesses and bulldog harnesses are illustrated.

And now ambushes. The Ambush line from CellBlock 13 takes us into the military sphere, with extensions to other situations. From NOAD2:

noun: a surprise attack by people lying in wait in a concealed position: seven members of a patrol were killed in an ambush | kidnappers waiting in ambush.

verb [with obj.]: make a surprise attack on (someone) from a concealed position: they were ambushed and taken prisoner by the enemy; confront (someone) suddenly and unexpectedly with unwelcome questions: representatives were ambushed by camera crews.

ORIGIN Middle English (in the sense ‘place troops in hiding in order to surprise an enemy’): from Old French embusche (noun), embuschier (verb), based on a late Latin word meaning ‘to place in a wood’; related to bush. The noun use dates from the late 15th cent.

Following up on bush, we get:

ORIGIN Middle English: from Old French bos, bosc, variants of bois ‘wood,’ reinforced by Old Norse buski, of Germanic origin and related to obsolete Dutch bosch (now bos) and German Busch.

So there is, in a sense, a bush in ambush. This is the sort of thing that inclines people to give credence to preposterous invented etymologies.

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