Billy the Berlin Barboy

(The underwear and men’s bodies thing again, plus gaydolls and some homoerotic art. Outrageous enough that it won’t be to everyone’s taste.)

Daily Jocks sale on the 8th offering the Barcode Berlin Thermo Brief in white (it also comes in black), with a caption of mine:

(#1) 83% Cotton 17% Polyester. US$25. Model not included.

Billy the Berlin
Works the room in his
Barcode Berlin

Barcode Berlin. From DJ about the company, which is new to its offerings (ad copy reproduced here without editing; it’s almost surely written by a native speaker of German):

Barcode Berlin is one the world’s leading men’s sports- & fetish wear label.
Barcode Berlin has a distinct style and is authentic & sex-infused home base in Berlin. The clothes are a distinct pairing of comfort and sex-appeal. Guys that wear Barcode-Berlin love to show their sporty and masculine side but especially for those people who love to be able to live their fetish. Barcode-Berlin loves fetish and having a large fetish fan base

Slanting towards the fetish side is the bluntly named Bang Singlet (in black), displayed here front and rear:



New leather imitation material. Exclusively produced for Barcode-Berlin. Laboratory styles mixed with other special materials perfectly showcases Barcode´s unique and distinctive styles and color combination.

Innovative. Resistant and washable. High quality look. Material is soft, eslatic and matt-silky. With 2 pockets in the front.

Homowear singlets are designed to show as much as possible of the wearer’s body, front and back. Still, the designers managed to work two front pockets into the thing. Rubbers? A mini-cellphone?

Now a gaydoll break, and then a return to Barcode Berlin.

Billy dolls. Our Berlin Barboy is named Billy, after the iconic queer doll / action figure. From the Back2Stonewall site —


“LGBT Flashback 1997 – The Billy Doll: The Worlds First Anatomically Correct Gay Doll” by Will Kohler on 5/16/12:

The “Billy Doll” created by artist John McKitterick and marketed in the United States by London-based Totem International was known as “the first out and proud gay doll” McKitterick who originally designed Billy as limited-edition run of 1,200 dolls created to benefit an AIDS charity decided to mass market his creation after the entire first lot sold out in a matter of days.

Billy was 13 inches tall and was introduced in a number of versions, many based upon stereotypical gay characters of the time.

Billy also came dressed in many outfits, including a standard business suit, but Billy was also available as Sailor Billy, Cowboy Billy, Master [aka Leather] Billy, San Francisco Billy [also Army Billy and Gay/Basic Billy, in black tanktop and jeans], and even once as Dolly Parton Drag Billy. Other dolls in the Billy line included Carlos, Billy’s Puerto Rican boyfriend, and Tyson, their African American friend. And best of all Billy was anatomically correct!

(As for anatomically correct, the whole package is there in detail, and it’s decidedly larger-than-life in all dimensions.)

On this blog, a 7/14/10 posting “Dolls and action figures”, with a section on Billy dolls (and Tyson and Carlos), each in a variety of personas, plus a photo of Army Tyson preparing to mount Leather Carlos.

An array of gay action dolls:

(#5) Gay/Basic Carlos, SF Tyson, Cowboy Billy, Sailor Billy, Leather/Master Billy, SF Billy, Army Carlos

And the action dolls in drag:

(#5) Billy and Carlos donned drag in 1999, with Billy dressed in a gingham checkered pantsuit as “Dolly” and Carlos as “Carmen” in a polka dot outfit reminiscent of those worn by Carmen Miranda: Gay/Basic Carlos, Carmen Carlos, Dolly Billy, Leather/Master Billy

Salem Beiruti. Enough of the gay 90s, back to Barcode Berlin, now with its studiedly outrageous Can You Host tank top, with a design by Madrid conceptual artist Salem Beiruti. Front and rear:



The shirt’s slogan has a sexual specialization of the verb host ‘to receive or entertain people as guests’: ‘to host for sex’. Usually, this conveys ‘to host for sex at one’s own place’ — an escort who advertises I host services clients at the escort’s place, one who advertises you host services clients at the client’s place. In combination with the extended fuck-finger and the placement of the image on the front of the shirt (the side of the body with the wearer’s penis) rather than the rear (the side of the body with the wearer’s buttocks), the slogan uses host to convey ‘to host for sex (in particular, anal sex) in one’s own body’, that is, ‘to bottom, to get fucked’.

The guy on the shirt in #6 and #7 is wearing a bright red t-shirt, and the model in the shirt is wearing a red jockstrap. Red presumably conveying sexual heat.

And then the model is clutching his dick, offering that rather than his ass — reinforcing the message that the wearer of the shirt is advertising himself as a top looking for a bottom.

Beiruti’s Behance page has a rich assortment of male art, in several media, some of it romantic, much of it rough-edged, some both. Two examples:

(#8) “Te Quiero”

(#9) “Brian Maier”

His coffee-table book Morphosis (Bruno Gmŭnder) came out earlier this year:

(#10) Cover of Morphosis

(#11) Three images from the book

He’s been working on a Lumbersexual calendar in Salem OR.

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