The news for penises, St. Lucy’s Eve edition

Tomorrow’s the day to set your hair on fire, especially if you’re a young Scandinavian girl. But while you’re waiting for Advent to culminate in Christmas, you can savor the lights of the season:


(Hat tip to Kim Darnell. I was sure I’d posted this image before — it’s, like, my kind of thing — but I can find no record of it. No information as to the source of  the Xmas palm photos here, but there are tons of them around.)

Even more explosively:


And inflamed in seasonal red:


A malapropistic bonus. From Dean Allemang today:


Foreskin for forefront. A classical malapropism, Freudian in nature.

Don’t worry about it, buddy. We’ve got it covered. We’re on the foreskin of technology, here in Silicon Valley, among the palm trees. Right on it.

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