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This morning, another visit (with Juan Gomez) to the cactus and succulent garden at Stanford, which has been made very happy by all the rain we’ve been getting (it’s been wreaking havoc all over northern California, but it’s made the cacti and succulents thrive). I’ll post separately about two plants that especially attracted our attention, but this posting is about some plants I came across while I was scouring the net to find the ones we saw.

The problem here is that there are no labels on anything in the garden, nor does there seem to be a website listing the plants there, so I was reduced to searching on descriptions (in my own words) of the plants we saw. This led me to an assortment of extraordinary plants that were nothing like the ones we saw. Including two phallic blossoms, each in consort with testicular structures: two plant packages from the British Arbtalk discussion forum site (for arborists), supplied by member bob in 2007, a man who seems to have an eye for these things. One is an evergreen, one a cactus.

(bob didn’t identify either of them, so for the moment they’re mystery plants.)

The evergreen. A flower stalk, and two cones:


The cactus. A truly startling cactus, with a substantial flower stalk (looking red and inflamed), complete with the counterpart of a urethral meatus:


The base (the main structure of the cactus), playing the testicular role, looks a lot like a barrel cactus, but this isn’t the way they bloom.

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