Gift postcards

Gifts: not just the tea towel, the purple plant mister, and the flared glassware reported on earlier today, but also three postcards from a Human Sexuality display at the Wellcome Trust exhibition centre (in London), sent to me by regular reader RJP. Two remarkable penis-bird cards, and one with a man in stockings — just one item from what turns out to be a rich vein of photographs of men in stockings, high heels, garter belts, bustiers, whatever from the world of gender-bending.

Penis-birds, Indian and American:

(#1) [Wellcome caption] Woman riding on an enormous penis bird, gouache, India, 19th century

(#2) [Wellcome caption] Woodblock engravings of penis birds, American, 19th century (from the Kinsey Institute collection)

Gender-bending clothing:

(#3) [Wellcome caption] Man in stockings, anonymous photographer 1944 (from the Kinsey Institute collection)

There are entire lines of hot women’s lingerie designed for men, including bras, panties, teddies, sheer stockings, and more. Silky, frilly, fabulously feminine. Expressing different meanings, different personas for different men. More systematic exploration at a future time, but in the meantime, here’s the impressively cute Mario Lopez dressed outrageously for an episode of the American tv show Nip/Tuck:


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