Milo Ventimiglia

(Another in a series of postings about performers who have given me pleasure. Minimal linguistic content.)

Seen on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit a few days ago: the episode “Escape” (season 5, episode 11, originally broadcast 1/6/04), featuring Milo Ventimiglia, an actor familiar to me from Gilmore Girls and, especially, Heroes.



Serious in #1, with a quirky smile in #2 — both showing the eye pouches that are a facial feature of many people of Italian ancestry.

From Wikipedia:

Milo Anthony Ventimiglia (… born July 8, 1977) is an American actor best known for his role as Peter Petrelli on the NBC television series Heroes. Ventimiglia’s first career break was in the Fox series Opposite Sex, playing Jed Perry, the main protagonist of the show. Ventimiglia was first noticed by fans during his three-year stint on the WB series Gilmore Girls, playing Rory Gilmore’s love interest Jess Mariano from 2001 until his final guest appearance in 2006.

After his own WB series The Bedford Diaries, a recurring role as Meg Pryor’s love interest on NBC’s American Dreams, and playing Rocky Balboa’s son in the sixth and final installment of the Rocky series, Rocky Balboa, Ventimiglia’s big break came in 2006 when he received the part of nurse-turned-superhero Peter Petrelli for four seasons on NBC’s Heroes.

On Heroes, from Wikipedia:

Heroes is an American science fiction television drama series created by Tim Kring that appeared on NBC for four seasons from September 25, 2006 through February 8, 2010. The series tells the stories of ordinary people who discover superhuman abilities, and how these abilities take effect in the characters’ lives. The series emulates the aesthetic style and storytelling of American comic books, using multi-episode story arcs that build upon a larger, more encompassing narrative.

Heroes moved Ventimiglia from largely teenage roles to a fully adult role and brought Peter Petrelli into especially close interaction with two of the other characters:

Nathan Petrelli, Peter’s older brother, a congressional candidate with the ability to fly, played by Adrian Pasdar (who I enjoyed as Declan Dunn in the tv series Mysterious Ways)

Hiro Nakamura, an office worker who can manipulate space-time, played by Masi Oka (who plays the coroner Max Bergman in CBS’ new version of Hawaii Five-0; I’ve posted here on the hunks of that show, but Oka’s character there is a geek rather than a hunk)

Ventimiglia is also something of a hunk, as in this photo:


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