Shirtless body types

My recent postings on shirtlessness showed a fair range of body types for the extraordinarily fit, well-muscled men pictured there, from relatively slim to massive (on somatotypes, see here). And now comes a recently married couple illustrating the relatively slim end of the scale and also the Law of Attraction (“like attracts like”) in gay pairings: the ridiculously cute couple of Olympic skater Blake Skjellerup and designer Saul Carrasco:


(in the Queerty story “Blake Skjellerup Talks About His Husband, His Hawaii Wedding, And How Marriage Equality Is Changing The World”.

Yes, they can share their wardrobes.

Wikipedia on Skjellerup:

Blake Skjellerup (born 13 June 1985 in Christchurch, New Zealand) is a short track speed skater who competed for New Zealand at the 2010 Winter Olympics; finishing sixteenth.

Skjellerup began speed skating at the age of 10 in Christchurch after an injury from roller blading forced him to stop playing rugby union for a season. His brother introduced him to speed skating to keep him active.

He likes to show off his body. In a sexualized display from GT magazine:


And naked but face-down:


So: slim and very fit. And steamy.

In the same vein, but a bit further up on the body-type scale, my friend Terry Tenette (with a history as an Olympic cyclist and long experience as a trainer). In a home photo:


(Just to note that Terry is in his 40s. He’s straight but gay-friendly. Sometimes when we hang out we trade my rants of Gay Rage with his of Black Rage; nice to have a sympathetic audience.)

Bonus: a dangler. From the Queerty interview with Skjellerup:

What will you guys wear?

Well, being one of the hottest days in Hawaii, our attire will definitely be a less uptight, more upscale beach feel.

The missing subject in the predicational adjunct being one of the hottest days in Hawaii is the pronoun it; the adjunct seems to be a reduction of

it being one of the hottest days in Hawaii ‘since it will be of of the hottest days in Hawaii’

and you might have thought that the it is minimally referential and so can easily be omitted, but in fact it refers to the day in question, and the omission of it is genuinely troublesome.

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