Hi-g pun for Xmas in July

(Friendly warning: this posting will end up with some ads for gay porn, with some mildly raunchy text.)

… in today’s Bizarro/Wayno collaboration:

(#1) (If you’re puzzled by the odd symbols in the cartoon — Dan Piraro says there are 3 in this strip — see this Page.)

I’ve been inundated with hi-g (high groan-producing) puns this week, but this one plugs into other e-mail I’ve been getting this week, for Christmas in July events of various kinds — though not, in my experience, marathon re-playings of the melancholy-saccharine holiday song “White Christmas” made famous by Bing Crosby in the 1942 movie Holiday Inn:

(#2) “White Christmas” — and more Binglemas hits

From Wikipedia:.

Christmas in July is a Christmas celebration held in the month of July, the nature of which differs by hemisphere.

… The term, if not the exact concept, was given national attention with the release of the Hollywood movie comedy Christmas in July in 1940, written and directed by Preston Sturges. In the story, a man is fooled into believing he has won $25,000 in an advertising slogan contest. He buys presents for family, friends, and neighbors, and proposes marriage to his girlfriend.


… American advertisers began using Christmas in July themes in print for summertime sales as early as 1950. In the United States, it is more often used as a marketing tool than an actual holiday. Television stations may choose to re-run Christmas specials, and many stores have Christmas in July sales. Some individuals choose to celebrate Christmas in July themselves, typically as an intentionally transparent excuse to have a party. This is in part because most bargainers tend to sell Christmas goods around July to make room for next year’s inventory.

A cute poster on the HUG of Tampa Bay FL site (resources and programs for “handicapable young adults”) for its Christmas in July summer camp:

(#4) Starfish Santas on the beach in Florida (or a place that looks like it)

Then on the purely commercial front, from my 7/18/15 posting “Late summer porn sales”, about Christmas in July gay porn from C1R and TitanMen:

C1R wasn’t inventive; they just declared a “summer splash sale” and offered up chunks of their inventory, plus a new flick, It All Cums Down to Cock (cramming cum, the down of go down on, and cock into a six-word title). The material in their ad, reproduced in an AZBlogX posting (note: visually and verbally X-rated), is undistinguished except for a steamy shot from the new flick (with slim twink Devin Dixon admiring hunk Jason Phoenix’s penis).

But TitanMen went for playful cleverness, with a “Christmas in July” ad campaign.


The ad campaign highlighted scenes from two TitanMen flicks, Impulse (with porn veterans Adam Killian and Jessy Ares) and R.E.M. (with relatively fresh faces Carlos Marquez and Dirk Lang). The Impulse scene features underwater fellatio, a surprisingly popular theme in gay porn, despite its real-life drawbacks. The R.E.M. scene has the Latino hunk Marquez served up to the slenderer, somewhat punkish, German Lang on a golden platter; hey, it’s a dream fantasy. Visual details, and the ad copy, on AZBlogX.

Then in my e-mail today, this ad from TitanMen:

(#6) A shirtless cock-tease for the holidays

The Mr Man Hollywood Exposed website is a subscription service providing “Nude Male Celebs in Pics, Clips, and HD Movies”.

You could enjoy this material at a Jule-Yule sex party, with complimentary red Santa caps for all participants, red and green condoms, and of course a really big Yule log.

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