At Boulders Beach

Signage alert today from Chris Hansen, with this item:


The location, from Wikipedia:

Table Mountain National Park, previously known as the Cape Peninsula National Park, is a national park in Cape Town, South Africa, proclaimed on 29 May 1998, for the purpose of protecting the natural environment of the Table Mountain Chain, and in particular the rare fynbos vegetation. The park is managed by South African National Parks. The property is included as part of the UNESCO Cape Floral Region World Heritage Site.

The park contains two well-known landmarks: Table Mountain, for which the park is named; and the Cape of Good Hope, the most southwestern extremity of Africa.

… Boulders Beach, south of Simon’s Town, contains a large colony of African penguins.

At Boulders Beach:

(#2) Spheniscus demersus (African penguin, jackass penguin, black-footed penguin)

About fynbos, from Wikipedia:

(#3) Mountain fynbos on the Cape Peninsula

Fynbos (… meaning fine-leaved plants) is a small belt of natural shrubland or heathland vegetation located in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces of South Africa. This area is predominantly winter rainfall coastal and mountainous areas with a Mediterranean climate. The fynbos ecoregion is within the Mediterranean forests, woodlands, and scrub biome. In fields related to biogeography, fynbos is known for its exceptional degree of biodiversity and endemism [the noun related to the adjective endemic], consisting about 80% (8,500 fynbos) species of the Cape floral kingdom where nearly 6,000 of them are endemic. This land has faced severe threats and still does, but due to the many economic uses conservation efforts are being made to help restore it.


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