Death by staircase

This week’s Drunk Cartoon from Bob Eckstein:


It is in fact Discovery Channel’s 30th SHARK WEEK — they always use all-caps — running from Sunday July 22nd through Sunday July 29th. (I’ve avoided it so far, but I’m sure to be sucked in again soon.)

And then there’s the Death by Staircase mystery trope in the movies and (especially) on tv. Were they pushed, did they commit step-suicide, or was it an accident? If pushed, by human hands or by supernatural forces?

From a Boston law firm’s website, warning about stairway / staircase accidents (it’s what they do):


And from the (NC Triangle) News & Observer, the story “As Peterson documentary debuts on Netflix, Durham braces for new attention — and scrutiny” by Brooke Cain on 6/7/18, beginning:


The award-winning 2005 French documentary series “The Staircase,” which lands on Netflix on Friday with three new episodes, has been in circulation for years — first released in England on BBC and then on Sundance TV in the U.S.

But with the massive streaming giant behind it for the first time, there has never been so much potential for introducing millions of brand new true-crime-hungry viewers to Durham’s most infamous crime story.

“The Staircase” follows the story of Michael Peterson’s trial for the murder of his wife, Kathleen, who he says he found on the night of Dec. 9, 2001, in a pool of blood at the bottom of a back staircase in their Durham home. He was indicted on a first-degree murder charge 10 days later and went on trial in May 2003. It became one of the longest murder trials in North Carolina history — and one of the most unbelievable.

(I’ve just started to watch it. There’s a gay angle to the story, since Peterson’s bisexuality is one of the threads in the tale.)

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