Holiday specials

A holiday comes around — this is Labor Day weekend in the U.S. — and everybody has sales, on every damn thing. Gay porn is no exception, but certain holidays lend themselves especially to the interests of the porn industry: all patriotic holidays, since you can flog videos of military men; Fathers Day, when you can offer Daddy-Boy videos; and of course Labor Day, when blue-collar guys can go on sale.

One company is offering a large inventory of videos at (groan) “cock-bottom prices” and another is selling videos with blue-collar men who will “fill you up” for Labor Day. Similar things turn up every year. This year I’ll report, not on the porn sales, but on a Labor Day story from the gay press and some other racy specials for the holiday.

The cover of the current (Labor Day) special issue, 9/1/16, of HOTspots! magazine (South Florida edition):


(featuring working men, with tools).

Inside the issue, a number of special offers. Three here, for the Pride Factory in Fort Lauderdale (clothing, especially underwear and swimwear, plus other LGBT items); The Club, um, sauna in Fort Lauderdale; and the (groan) Floppy Rooster male strip club in Miami:




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