Golden jubilee

For gay men of Gen X now achieving their Golden Year: Surfing for Ulysses:

Thing 1, at the top: from the Hawaii Five-0 logo.

Thing 2, the centerpiece: Scott Caan (as Danno) and Alex O’Loughlin (as Steve), shirtless for surfing, packages at the ready, in the tv police drama. From my 3/14/15 posting “Hawaii Five-0 hunks”:

it’s a buddy drama, a bro show — with significant interludes of muscular shirtlessness

Thing 3, at the bottom, a monetary tribute to Grant in his golden years, before he went wandering in a daze through the Land o’ Dublins, watching the Memorial Golf Tournament on the banks of the Liffey, under the giant Ross Dress for Success banner.


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  1. Gadi Says:

    As a gay man who turns 50 today, I thank you.

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