Pecs, abs, and dancing

It seems to be one of those weeks. Just after Chris Pratt, we get Magic Mike and his Sexy Gang of Six, reveling in their shirtlessness:

Magic Mike XXL: from left, Stephen Boss (also known as tWitch), Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash, Joe Manganiello, Channing Tatum and Adam Rodriguez in this comedy directed by Gregory Jacobs

The movie (a sequel to 2012’s Magic Mike) has little plot but lots of joy (and pecs and abs). It’s been well received: for instance, A. O. Scott wrote in the NYT that it’s “outrageously entertaining”. The trailer is certainly enjoyable (though short):

I know, not much about language here.

Matt Bomer has been on this blog before, in “Seven Supermen and Brad Pitt”, as one of the Supermen. And Channing Tatum was the centerpiece of “Five-Ku on Channing Tatum”, which is perenially one of the most viewed postings on this blog; well, he’s nice to look at.

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