More gratuitous shirtlessness

After two postings yesterday featuring hunky shirtless men, this morning I confronted the following fellow on Facebook:


I call him Mr. Chicago — for the City of Broad/Big Shoulders, those shoulders being the feature that makes him stand out among the legion of highly developed hunky men whose photos you can find on the net.

Mr. Chicago appears on the site Brutal & Soft +, a Russian site that specializes in gay radio links from around the world (it’s amazing what you can find on the net), plus a huge set of accompanying male photos: guys like Mr. Chicago, just showing off their bodies; smiling friendly hunks; a few male couples; and a fair number of self-consciously seductive shots that I think of as “hustler poses”.

From the site (text in somewhat perplexing Russo-English:

Guy Radio – gay stations and not only. Catalog of gay radio.

Welcome to Here you will find a large catalog of gay radio stations from around the world. In addition, we still have a few good online radio, you are sure to enjoy.

Several mix channels, two channels devoted to Madonna, one to Enigma, and direct connections to stations in France, USA, Italy, Austria, UK, Russia, Germany, and Australia.

Then the photos, which have their own Facebook site. Here’s a hustler pose:


The offer isn’t made explicit in #2. But then look at this streetboy:


Each photo has a space for comments, which are almost all tongue-hanging-out appreciations. For #2:

Gorgeous I’d surly eat u all up sexy

(As usual, neither the models nor the photographers are credited.)


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