Beefcake on screen

(Little of academic or social significance, but mostly about shameless displays of the male body. Not, however, X-rated, either visually or verbally.)

A while back, links on Facebook to Hollywood Beefcake, a public group on Facebook featuring movie and tv actors dsplaying their bodies. Shots of, among others, Guy Madison, Randolph Scott, Gary Cooper, Hugh O’Brian, Robert Conrad, Johnny Weissmuller, Clint Eastwood, Tab Hunter, Marc Singer, Burt Reynolds, Lee Majors, Jeff Goldblum, Alexander Skarsgard, Matt Bomer, Ryan Phillipe, Shia LaBeouf, Danny Pino, and Chris Meloni. And Charlie Hunnam, who’s appeared on this blog before because he revels in sexy shirtless displays.

Then an appendix on three of the notable shirtless hunks on the television series Glee, who I don’t think had made it onto the Hollywood Beefcake site when I last checked it.

Oh, the Hunnamity! Charlie Hunnam has appeared twice on this blog:

on 4/3/13, in “scruffilicious”, with a shot of a shirtless and scruffy Hunnam

on 9/24/13, in “to clean up nicely”, with three shots of Hunnam, in three very different presentations

And now on Hollywood Beefcake, this remarkable shot of a lean, muscled Hunnam, near-ecstatic and barely keeping his jeans on:


Note on the punning title of this section. From Wikipedia, with the crucial bit boldfaced:

Herbert O. “Herb” Morrison (May 14, 1905 – January 10, 1989) was an American radio journalist best known for his dramatic report of the Hindenburg disaster, a catastrophic fire that destroyed the LZ 129 Hindenburg zeppelin on May 6, 1937, killing 36 people.

[from the broadcast] … it’s a terrific crash, ladies and gentlemen. It’s smoke, and it’s flames now … and the frame is crashing to the ground, not quite to the mooring-mast. Oh, the humanity and all the passengers screaming around here. I told you, I can’t even talk to people whose friends are on there.

Gleeful shirtlessness. I have now remedied a serious gap in my pop culture experience by watching the series Glee from beginning to end. From Wikipedia:

Glee is an American [fantasy] musical comedy-drama television series that aired on the Fox network in the United States from May 19, 2009, to March 20, 2015. It focuses on the fictitious William McKinley High School [in Lima OH] glee club, New Directions, which competes on the show choir competition circuit while its disparate members deal with social issues, especially regarding sexuality and race, relationships, and learning to become an effective team.

Tons and tons of wonderful singing and dancing by very attractive people, elaborately staged, with significant lbgt characters and themes as well, so of special interest to me.

Several of the male characters regularly appear shirtless on the show, thanks especially to scenes in the men’s locker room. Two of the actors, already noted on this blog, are given to sexy displays of their bodies outside of the show: Darren Criss (a straight man playing one of the two major gay characters, partnered with the gay actor Chris Colfer, playing a flamboyantly gay character) and Chord Overstreet (a straight man playing the straight character Sam Evans, who, however, puts in a stint as a male stripper at one point in the show).

Darren Criss came up in passing in my 6/30/15 posting “That goes without”, and here he is in a beach shoot:


Very fit and lean and always happy to show off his body. From Wikipedia:

Darren Everett Criss (born February 5, 1987) is an American actor, singer and songwriter. One of the founding members and co-owners of StarKid Productions, a musical theater company based in Chicago, Criss first garnered attention playing the lead role of Harry Potter in StarKid’s musical production of A Very Potter Musical… Criss is best known for his portrayal of Blaine Anderson on the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee.

Chord Overstreet appeared in my 9/9/16 posting “Name time”, with some details about his life and a sexy photo. Here’s a shot of Overstreet as Evans, barely clothed and looking decidedly anxious about that, in a production of Rocky Horror:


Mark Salling. But the champion displays of the male body on the show come from actor Mark Salling, portraying character Puck Puckerman (straight playing straight again). From the character’s wiki page:

Noah “Puck” Puckerman is a major character on Glee. Puck is an alumnus of William McKinley High School as of [the episode] Goodbye. He is now a former member of both the Glee Club and the Football Team. He is currently enlisted in the Air Force.

Puckerman runs a pool cleaning business in Lima, in which capacity he appears shirtless, displaying himself to the older women he seduces:


Beefier than the other two, but not a body-builder type.  (Singer-dancers rarely are.)

Saller’s Wikipedia page tells us that “Mark Wayne Salling (born August 17, 1982) is an American actor, singer-songwriter, composer, and musician.”

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