to clean up well/nicely

Caught in passing in a posting of mine on AZBlogX about porn actor Boomer Banks (I am not making this name up), who’s notable (at least) for his very long and thick cock (illustrated in my posting), this item in his Rentboy ad (image #3 in the posting):

(1) I clean up well

conveying that Banks can make himself presentable as an engaging companion for social occasions as well as serving as a hot and sweaty sexual partner.

The idiom to clean up well/nicely is a “reflexive/middle-voice” verbal: (1) is roughly paraphrasable as “I clean myself up well” or “I can be cleaned up well/easily”. That is, the referent of the subject is the Patient (the affected participant) in the event, rather than the Agent. Compare the classic This book reads easily.

The classic figure who cleaned up well/nicely is Cinderella, appearing radiant for the ball (often at the top of a staircase). But it works for guys too.

Now, googling nets actor Charlie Hunnam, previously seen on this blog scruffilicious and shirtlesss here, but popping up in recent media news in connection with the movie of Fifty Shades of Grey. On, a Septermber 8th piece by SunnyChanel (aka Sunny Chanel). “50 Shades of Grey: Charlie Hunnam Cleans Up Well for Sons of Anarchy Red Carpet!”:

It was HUGE casting news when it was announced that Charlie Hunnam of Sons of Anarchy fame would be taking on one of the most talked about roles in the last couple of years. The 33-year-old actor will be playing Christian Grey in the film adaptation of EL James’ bestseller, Fifty Shades of Grey. Some had a hard time imagining the actor, who plays a biker on Sons of Anarchy, as a businessman (albeit a kinky one). But Charlie Hunnam is giving us a taste — he cleaned up very nicely at the season premiere red carpet for the new season of the popular FX show.

Three views of Hunnam. First, in the earthy Sons of Anarchy character, in an elaborately posed photo:


Second, shirtless but shaven and unthreatening:


And then suited up for the red carpet:


Hunnam’s body is one of his great draws, so we can all hope Fifty Shades gets him shirtless a lot (while he’s still young and hot).

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Ken Rudolph on Facebook:

    Charlie Hunnam was very, very convincing as a [15]-year old gay fagling in the British “Queer As Folk.” He’s most famous for his biker role in “Sons of Anarchy;” but he’s been busy in other films and TV shows, too (he was great in the single-season college comedy “Undeclared.”) And in the more recent film “Pacific Rim” he proved that cleaned up nicely he could carry an action franchise. He’s obviously a very versatile actor.

  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Billy Green, this shot of teen-aged Hunnam.

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