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Early on in the gay comedy 4th (or Fourth) Man Out, I was struck by the name of one of the actors, Chord Overstreet. I was immediately reminded of another actorial name, Park Overall. Park was the subject of a morning name posting on 12/10/15, and for a moment I was taken with the idea that Park and Chord might, um, sing together on the greensward, until I realized that she’s 32 years older than he is. So probably no Chord and Park Overall Overstreet pairings, onomastically pleasing though they would be.

On to Chord and his acting career. Turns out he’s something of a celebrity, but for his work on a television show I have barely ever seen.

The premise of the movie I was watching, from Wikipedia:

Fourth Man Out is a 2016 American comedy film written by Aaron Danick and directed by Andrew Nackman. The film stars Evan Todd as Adam, a young man [a garage mechanic] living in New York state who, on his 24th birthday, comes out as gay to his best friends Chris (Parker Young), Nick (Chord Overstreet), and Ortu (Jon Gabrus).

The crew:


Adam on the left, then his buddies Ortu, Nick (Chord Overstreet’s character), and Chris. (The movie is almost as much about Chris as Adam; and Adam and Chris are best buddies, like brothers, so their relationship is at the center of the movie.)

Overstreet is a musician as well as an actor. Here he is on the guitar (one of the five or six instruments he plays):


Now to information on Wikipedia about Overstreet’s big role and about his name:

Chord Paul Overstreet (born February 17, 1989) is an American actor, singer and musician, known for his role as Sam Evans on the television series Glee.

… He has an older brother, Nash Overstreet, who plays guitar in the band Hot Chelle Rae, an older sister, Summer, and three younger sisters, Harmony, Skye and Charity… He was named after the musical term

(Note: Glee had characters both gay and straight, and actors both gay and straight, in all four combinations. Overstreet and his character are both straight.)

The surprise for me, as someone who doesn’t know the Glee characters (other than Jane Lynch’s character Sue Sylvester), was to see Overstreet as Sam Evans on the show, as a blond twink:


He showed off his hot boy body in several photo shoots, clearly aimed at a substantial fan base of girls (and probably gay men as well).


Wow. The tousled hair, open mouth, and the flimsy shirt (which he eventually strips off). (He worked as a fashion model in his teenage years.)

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