Ianto Jones: the shirtless sequel

A follow-up to my previous posting on Torchwood character Ianto Jones and the Welsh actor Gareth David-Lloyd, who portrays him. I’d found no shirtless photos of GD-L, but Chris Ambidge has used the resources of Google searching much more effectively than I did and has come up with two photos from fans of GD-L’s. So now: the shirtless sequel.

A tumblr page. From rangerofdiscord on tumblr, a page “In appreciation of Gareth David Lloyd”:

This tumblr is dedicated to the wonderful actor, singer and most awesome dude on the planet.

He is most known for his role of Ianto Jones on Torchwood and for being the lead singer of Newport-based rock band, Blue Gillespie.


Heavy dark hest hair; maybe he’s sensitive about that.

An interview. On the Iris site on 4/13/16, “Interview: Gareth David-Lloyd on [the zombie movie] I Am Alone, Independent Film, and Reuniting with Torchwood Cast Mates at Supanova!”, with this photo of GD-L (as Brick) and  Catrin Stewart (as Maggie) in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof:


Smooth-shaven, and performing in an American accent.

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  1. bstewart27 Says:

    I could get lost in the fur and perky nipples,

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