(Shirtless guy, sexual slang, lots of sexlube, suggestive naming, but nothing truly hard-core.)

Yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad, for Amity Jack products:

(#1) Model in jock strap applying BANG Oil from Amity Jack

Trade names Jack and BANG, both chosen to suggest uses for the company’s main products, sexlubes for gay men: to jack oneself or another guy off, to bang a guy.

The company is offering lubricity, in both senses of the noun. From NOAD:

adj. lubricious: 1 offensively displaying or intended to arouse sexual desire. 2 smooth and slippery with oil or a similar substance. noun lubricity.

The company bills itself as “The gay mens sexual wellness company” (their copy writers are not fond of apostrophes).  Their high-minded mission statement:

Our Mission: A healthy lifestyle from A-Z. Create premium affordable products for men that keep them physically healthy and sexually fluid. [Note little joke on fluid.] Great health and sex is a vital part of every mans [damn the apostrophe, full speed ahead] physical and emotional well-being. Amity Jack provides you with the tools you need to make it fun and sexy.

Among the items on offer:


The New Black Box. Get all your love making essentials in one sexy black box. It includes all your favorite Amity Jack products; 4 oz. bottle of Premium BANG Oil [silicone-based lube], 4 oz. bottle of BANG Water [water-based lube], Bang Anywhere BANG Bullets [4 ml vials of BANG Oil for single applications] 5 pk, Fresh Fiber Supplement, A Micro Fiber BANG [Cum] Towel and 5 lubricated condoms. When the fun is done or it’s just break time, store your essentials in your little Black Box where they will stay safe, organized and ready for action. Don’t just do it, Do it right. Makes a great gift for that special someone. Happy Banging Friend! [Two readings, with and without a comma: ‘have some happy banging, friend!’ and ‘be a happy banging friend!’. Probably the copy writer was just sparing with commas.]

The lubes are designed to be super-slippery and long-lasting, but not sticky.

You can buy all the components of the Black Box separately, but they’re much cheaper as a set.

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