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The most recent Daily Jocks ad, with a caption sexual fantasy from me:


You can buy him,
One trick a month – the
Standard hour, providing
Whatever you need –
And with a rock-bottom
Starter price of $10, the

Catch is that the price
Doubles every month. On
Month six his hour costs you a
Steep $320, but he’s
Worth it, though when the
Annual contract

Runs out in
Month 12,
You’ll be getting
$40,960 sex —
Better be
Best there is.

That’s the fantasy. Then there’s the real world, in which I tried to identify the model in #1.

At first it was a familiar story. Endless Pinterest postings (not attributed in any way) of this photo:


(variously tagged as sexy man, beautiful body, tattoos, and even cute gay guy (almost surely a comment on the poster’s sexuality, rather than the model’s). I’m not especially a fan of extreme rippedness or of tats, but in this case I could admire both, as products of thought and hard work.

The model in #2 is presented as an object, with an impassive face and no engagement of the viewer, while in #1 is gazing intently into the viewer’s eyes, giving off the homoerotic aura of high-end underwear models in general: you can do me / you can be me.

Then I searched on the main tat message, “Would life have gotten better” (suggesting the continuation “if (only) I had …”). Here I hit image gold almost immediately, though the intention of the tat’s message never got clarified. From the Bang + Strike company’s site on the model:

Richard Rocco [Richie Amerigo Rocco III] grew up in Los Angeles [in a gritty barrio] and joined the United States Marine Corps in 2002.

When he was badly wounded in action, in Iraq, Richard’s perseverance and desire motivated him to push through physical therapy and within a year he was back in the gym. He now competes in professional power lifting competitions and has dedicated his life to health and fitness for over 10 years. Truly inspirational, especially from a man who literally broke his back.

Richard can be seen modelling for underwear brands such as Calvin Klein and Pump! [as above]

Here he is in a steamy triptych for Pump!, his body displayed like sculpture of almost unreal perfection:


(Panel 3 is a literally ballsy shot.) All three panels are physically intense and aggressive; his aggression can be read as comptitiveness or as sexual domination, depending on the viewer’s inclinations.

Upscale underwear models and the companies they work for are perfectly aware of the homoerotic tones in their ads, and most models are happy to cater to the desires of fags like me, whatever their sexuality in real life. Here’s Rocco enthusiastically crossing the line into cock-teasing pitsntits homoeroticism:


This is from a feature in DNA Magazine (Australian publication targeting gay men) “Rick Day Presents Richard Rocco” of 5/16/13, with this swooning copy:

Tattooed hottie Richard Rocco makes his DNA debut in these shots by Rick Day. We find all kinds of men hot and we know that there are many guys out there who are into dudes with tats. In addition to his body art, we think Richard has a totally hot bod.

Hey, I’m swooning too.

In my 3/7/13 posting “Cock tease”, there’s a section on male photographer Rick Day, who favors highy masculine models, focusing on their musculature, their faces, their butts, and, every so often, their cocks flagrantly displayed.

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