Chuck Tingle

From Gary R. Kelly on Facebook, a link to the Amazon site for the author publishing under the name Chuck Tingle. One of his books:

The plots are preposterous, whimsically gay, and anally focused. For My Billionaire Triceratops Craves Gay Ass:

Jeremy was never quite sure about his feelings for Oliver, his gay pet dinosaur, until Oliver scores big and leaves home to pursue his dreams of being a dancer.

Years later, the two of them reconnect for dinner in New York City, and realize that there may have been more to their relationship besides prehistoric pet and master. Now a wealthy socialite, Oliver the triceratops is willing to take another chance on Jeremy, and soon the two find themselves locked in a passionate evening of gay human-dino love.

This erotic tale is 4,300 words of sizzling human on gay triceratops action, including anal, blowjobs, rough sex, and prehistoric beast love.

The books are brief, and so far mostly involve either gay dinosaurs or gay unicorns. In the genre:

Space Raptor Butt Invasion
Gay T-Rex Law Firm: Executive Boner
My Billionaire Triceratops Craves Gay Ass
My Ass Is Haunted By The Gay Unicorn Colonel
Pounded By The Gay Unicorn Football Squad
Taken By The Gay Unicorn Biker
Pounded By President Bigfoot
I’m Gay For My Living Billionaire Jet Plane

Amazon supplies this fanciful description of the author (presumably supplied by the author):

Dr. Chuck Tingle is an erotic author and Tae Kwon Do grandmaster (almost black belt) from Billings, Montana. After receiving his PhD at DeVry University in holistic massage, Chuck found himself fascinated by all things sensual, leading to his creation of the “tingler”, a story so blissfully erotic that it cannot be experienced without eliciting a sharp tingle down the spine.

On DeVry University, from Wikipedia:

DeVry University is a division of DeVry Education Group, a for-profit higher education organization that is also the parent organization for Keller Graduate School of Management, Ross University, American University of the Caribbean, Carrington College, Chamberlain College of Nursing, Becker Professional Review, and DeVry Brasil. The school was founded in 1931 as DeForest Training School, and officially became DeVry University in 2002. As of 2014, DeVry had over 60,000 students across 90 campuses throughout North America and over the internet.

It offers associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, but not doctoral degrees (certainly not Ph.D.s).

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