Quiz questions

A linguistic Get Fuzzy passed on to me by Jack Hamilton:

Satchel Pooch, taking a general knowledge quiz, is subverted by Bucky Katt.

First, WHAT IS ONE TIMES FOUR? Bucky interprets WHAT … FOR as the interrogative idiom  what … for; and the verb TIMES as the proper noun Times, referring to the New York Times. Then, PLACE NAMES THAT CONTAIN “-HAM”, where Bucky turns the mention of (the spelling of) a meaningful word element into a use of the word ham (to refer to the food ham). And, finally, Bucky exploits the vagueness of HAVE (intended in the quiz as a question about the candies Bill possesses) to cover a different understanding of have, with WHAT DOES BILL HAVE NOW? taken as asking, roughly, ‘What confronts Bill now?’

Poor Satchel.

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