In the Basque diaspora

(Warning: much of this posting is about gay porn and male hustling, and it refers in plain language to the male body and to male-male sexual acts; the photographs are not actually X-rated — such images are in a related posting on AZBlogX — but the posting is not for kids, the sexually modest, or the easily offended.)

In a comment on my posting about the Basque language and the Basques in the U.S., someone using the name “Dirty Harri” (it’s a joke, as you’ll see, a play on the title Dirty Harry) picks up a news story about disagreements in 2013 between Aitzol Azurtza, the president of the New York Basque Club, and the visiting Iñigo Urkullu, the president of the Basque Government. During this contretemps, it was revealed (by others) that Azurtza had had a career in gay porn, under the stage name Antton Harri; Azurtza had come out some time before, but it was not generally known in the Basque world (in NYC or elsewhere) that he was a gay pornstar (of some repute), or indeed that he’d worked as a rentboy in NYC. Under the cloud of the porn revelations, Azurtza resigned his Basque Club position “for personal reasons” and not long after moved from New York to Palm Springs CA, where he lives now. A piece of reporting from the time:


(On the left, Azurtza in business suit. On the right, Harri in his work clothes.

(Basque-Americans seem to have been mostly supportive of Azurtza and outraged by the attack on him via what they saw as his private life.)

Before things blew up, Azurtza shepherded the NY Basque Club into an unprecedented event. An English translation of the story from Basque Heritage Worldwide on 12/12/12:

The first Gayaldi at the almost 100 year old Euskal Etxea of New York is deemed a success: … The Basque club in New York is the first in the entire country to dedicate a day to gays and lesbians, while the organizers of the event are hoping that other clubs will include a similar activity as part of their annual events that is open to everyone.

Back to Harri. Two more images of him on the job, both cock-tease photos (just short of a dick reveal):



#2 is a publicity shot, #3 a shot from Harri’s current RentMen page. (X-rated photos from there are in my AZBlogX posting.) Yes, Harri continues to hustle, now under the heading:

Antton Harri: Male Escort, Rentboy, Gay Massage in Palm Springs, CA


Hot muscular adult entertainer with extensive porn experience – versatile – college educated and fun – into anything that is pleasurable (not into pain) and safe, from vanilla to leather, kissing, nipple play, into oral and anal. [Harri has done some piss scenes in porn, so he’d probably also be open to watersports]

Rates: incall US$200, outcall US$200, overnight US$1000

Stats: age 39; height 5’8″/170 cm; weight 190lbs/85 kg; body muscular; body hair shaved; sexual orientation gay; cock 8in/20cm, cut; position versatile/top; ethnicity Caucasian

Preferences: my style: guy next door; available for: modeling | escort | porn videos; I am into: oral | foreskin | jocks | leather | muscle | PNP | rimming | shaving | tattoos | smoking | kissing | latex | cum | nipples | anal

(When you’re selling your body and your sexual practices, you have to be clear about what’s on the menu.)

Meanwhile, Azurtza maintains a public (and non-sexual) presence of his own, on Facebook, where his page tells us that he studied at the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in 2012-14 (I believe he hopes to go on to nursing school) and lives in Palm Springs. He also supplies a set of photos, including several pleasant head shots:



Plus one photo of Palm Springs and three of the city of Donostia / San Sebastián:

San Sebastián (Spanish… French: Saint-Sébastien) or Donostia (Basque [‘Saint Sebastian’]) is a coastal city and municipality located in the Basque Autonomous Community, Spain. It lies on the coast of the Bay of Biscay, 20 km (12 miles) from the French border. (Wikipedia link)

And of course the football/soccer team he supports is Real Sociedad, San Sebastián’s home team.

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