Le calendrier des agriculteurs

(About art photography and men’s bodies.)

With an alert from Michael Palmer on Facebook, the latest of Fred Goudon’s calendars:


Reported in “French Farmers Pose For Hot 2017 Calendar, And Everything Is Going To Be Fine Next Year” on 12/1 by James Gould-Bourn on the boredpanda site. Gould-Bourn’s lead:

Remember the smoking hot fireman calendar by French fashion photographer Fred Goudon? Well, now he’s back with an even hotter calendar featuring a bunch of semi-naked French farmers posing with livestock. Because why not, right?

My report on Goudon’s Les Pompiers calendar appears in a 2/22/15 posting “Calendrical hunks”, with a fireman in #2, material on Goudon and his male art, and more of his photos in #4-6.

One more young hunky farmer-type:


(Yes, those aren’t workingmen’s muscles, but that shouldn’t be allowed to spoil the fantasy.)

This would be a good time to alert readers to the “Male art” Page on this blog, about my collection of books on male art, seen here some time ago (right after I got them into order after having them lying in piles all over my bedroom):


The collection was enriched a few days ago by importing a number of books that had been living at my Staunton Ct. condo.

On the Page:

Male art / queer art / homosexuality in art (with an emphasis on photography).

There’s no attempt here to distinguish porn from “fine art”. Or to restrict the list to depictions of men — a restriction that would eliminate, for instance, Mapplethorpe [with his photos of women and flowers as well as men].

This is not a bibliography, but a shelf list of items in my collection in December 2016. Some items from the collection have become unavailable for one reason or another; their entries are enclosed in square brackets.

My original idea was to offer the books for sale (many of them were quite expensive, and I’m strapped for money), but I was daunted by the complexities of such sales, and, as Kim Darnell pointed out to me, for the moment I have space for them and I can still get pleasure from them, so why not keep them.

If you actually want to get to postings of mine on male art, there are two routes: use the Category “Male art” (though I see that I’ve not been very good about using this Category label), or (by far the superior route) check out my Page on Art postings, on which art with significant homoerotic content is labeled MALE; that includes all sorts of art I’ve posted about, not just the material in my book collection.

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