Er ist der Schönste in Berlin

(Men in fetishwear, or less, starting with today’s Barcode Berlin model from Daily Jocks, with a caption from me. Steamy and suggestive, but no more.)


Felix, an athletic
Submissive, can be
Viewed, or used, at our
Fuggerstraße showroom
From 2200 through 0200
Daily – rated AA for
Beauty, AAA for
Agreeableness and

What especially struck me about the photo was the elegance of the lines of the model’s back muscles and lateral muscles, emphasized by the play of light and shadow. In male art — painting, drawing, photography, or sculpture — the lateral muscles can be featured in views from the back (as here), the side, or the front. A collection of examples…

Paintings (rear views).

(#2) William Etty (British, 1787-1849), Male Nude, Kneeling, from the Back, circa 1840

(#3) Manuel Ignacio Vázquez (Mexican), Desnudo masculino (Male Nude), 1823

Charcoal drawings (rear views).

(#4) William Willes (Irish), Rear view of Seated Male Nude, c.1808

(#5) Amateur artist Hongtao-17, gay male nude

Photographs. From various photographers, different views.

(#6) Michael Stokes, side view

(#7) Michael Stokes, side/rear view

(#8) Rick Day photo of Richard Rocco, front view

(#9) David Velez “The Rear Window”, side/front views

(#10) James Demitri photo of Daniel Garofali, front view

The Flandrin pose. Showing the male body from the side:


Some postings on this blog on the pose:

on 5/13/11 “The Flandrin pose”: 3 examples, including the Flandrin original

on 5/23/11 “Another Flandrin pose”: Flandrin original and another

on 11/27/11 “Prairie Flandrins”: two Flandrin photos

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  1. Bigmacbear Says:

    Interesting choice of address for the showroom. Fuggerstraße is the street where Woof Bar and Prinzknecht, the two bars I had the pleasure of visiting while in Berlin with SMC in 2014, are located.

  2. [BLOG] Some Tuesday links | A Bit More Detail Says:

    […] Zwicky takes a look at timeless similarities between classics of homoerotic art and modern-day gay photography. […]

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