Xmas follies 2017: the clothing

Inspired by office groups gathered for holiday celebrations in local restaurants, with lots of participants in seasonal sweathers, variously festive, garish, raunchy, or ridiculous. It turns out that the Ugly Christmas Sweater is a thing: large retailers like Macy’s and Target sell the things under that name, and there are companies specializing in them. Here, for example, is an UCS that incorporates another Xmas follies theme: the shirtless men of Christmas:

(#1) Blizzard Bay Men’s Shirtless Santa Ride Ugly Christmas Sweater

And from the Tipsy Elves site, which specializes in UCSs and other Xmaswear, mostly on the risqué side. Here’s a merely preposterous Tipsy Elves number:

(#2) All wrapped up in Christmas

Then three on the raunchy side:

(#3) The pissing in the snow sweater

(#4) The humping reindeer sweater

(#5) The Santa screwed yo’ momma sweater

The last alludes to an insult trope among men, sometimes deployed as a form of aggressive joking, in which the source (the insulter or joker) claims, directly or indirectly, to have fucked the target’s — the butt’s — mother. In its most potent version, it’s directed by a black lower-class source to a white target of higher class.

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