Alex Minsky and his underwear

From Daily Jocks yesterday, this underwear ad, featuring intriguing tattoos and an equally intriguing facial expression (concern? puzzlement? or what?):


While I was contemplating a sexy caption for this photo, I dug around a bit and discovered the full-length photo that’s shown cropped in #1:


Now focusing on his package and his prosthetic right leg.

This is former Marine Alex Minsky, who lost the bottom half of his right leg in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan and, following a long course of hospitalization and rehabilitation, has taken up a career in underwear modeling, after being recruited by L.A.-based photographer Michael Stokes

Another photo, for Jack Adams underwear, with a different facial expression and a different prosthesis:


Even steamier, a major Minsky moose knuckle:


(There are apparently also nude photos floating around, but I haven’t seen them.)

Michael Stokes is a male photographer, with two recent books: Masculinity (2012) and Bare Strength (2014), which the publisher’s blurb characterizes as presenting

an edgy, artistic approach to the male nude with one chapter dedicated to United States Marine Veterans who lost limbs in the Middle East wars


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