Superpatriot hot dogs

Now on tv around here, an advertising campaign for hot dogs that goes way over the top in making claims for the patriotic virtues of one particular brand, Ball Park Franks from Hillshire Brands:

The flag, and one of Our astronauts, and an advertising slogan that appears to say that there’s a characteristic American taste you can detect in Ball Park Franks because it’s so intense there. But I should say that there’s not a lot of point in trying to make sense of such slogans, because they’re not meant to communicate coherent ideas, but only to convey strong positive feelings about the product. Buy this! Because it will make you feel good!

The main ad copy:

Nothing is more American than enjoying a juicy, grilled hot dog. Ball Park® Angus Beef Franks are made with 100% Angus Beef — and just a dash of Democracy. So American You Can Taste It.™

Other ads drag in the American eagle, the Declaration of Independence, Uncle Sam, references to liberty and freedom, and so on. No one could take them seriously as making actual claims about anything. So we just find them entertaining.

(In the world of hot dogs, I generally prefer Hebrew National franks, which I’ve supposed don’t lend themselves easily to American superpatriot appeals. But I see that there have in fact been some Hebrew National ads featuring Uncle Sam.)

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