The speech of signs

Today’s Zippy has him somewhere in the neighborhood of Albuquerque NM, being lectured to by the sign at a Blake’s Lotaburger:


Signs that speak are nothing new in Zippyworld; they go along with the speaking fiberglass roadside sculptures / statues that dot the Griffyscape — Muffler Man and his relatives,

On Blake’s, from Wikipedia:

Blake’s Lotaburger (often shortened to either Blake’s or Lotaburger) is a fast food chain based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As of 2014, Blake’s has 77 locations [in NM, AZ, and TX] … Despite some modernization, the food at Lotaburger is still cooked to order, resulting in what might be considered slow service by fast food standards.

… Blake’s Lotaburger was founded by Blake Chanslor, who moved from Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico after World War II. Chanslor opened his first “Lota Burger” stand on July 9, 1952.

… Blake’s signature menu item is the Lotaburger, which is commonly ordered with cheese and green chile added. Other offerings include the smaller Itsaburger, as well as hot dogs, corn dogs, cheese dogs, chili dogs, chili cheese dogs, chili bowls, and chili Frito pies. Sandwiches include breaded chicken, turkey breast, barbecue beef, and Halibut fish. Also offered are chicken tenders with barbecue sauce or ranch dressing, fries, seasoned fries, chili cheese fries, onion rings, and milkshakes.

The sign at one of its locations:


Any number of people have pointed out that Blake isn’t wearing any pants / trousers.

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