Stage names for dogs

Today’s Rhymes:

Stage names, authorial pseudonyms, drag queen names, stripper names, etc., usually carefully chosen one by one. But as I noted in this 4/18/09 posting about such names, there are also formulas for creating them systematically from existing parts: for instance, mother’s maiden name plus the name of the street you grew up on — a scheme that yields the excellent Rice Highland for me but some very dubious or unwieldy names for others.

Now a formula for dogs!

Incidentally, there are certainly people with the last name Bacon (the actor Kevin, for instance), and there could be Bacons with “Squeaky” as a jocular middle name (consider Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme), so Jeff “Squeaky” Bacon would be imaginable. But are there people with the last/family name Hedgehog? (Sonic the Hedgehog doesn’t count.)

One Response to “Stage names for dogs”

  1. chryss Says:

    I cannot help be reminded of the (hopefully invented, because this is funny, but name pranks are not) Dr. Hedgeh, whose tribulations have reached the level of an internet cliche: (bonus: correct “whoever”).

    The German Wikipedia had six people named Igel and the French version lists 8 individuals with the surname Hérisson, but in English, Hedgehog appears to be virtually non-existent.

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