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From Chris Ambidge, yet another contribution to the big pile of bromanteaus: “Broga: Yoga for guys means more Radiohead, less Enya” by Dave McGinn on the Globe and Mail blog (link):

It’s in Somerville, Mass., where a yoga class for men – called “broga”– is helping guys feel macho doing the downward dog.

It seems inevitable, doesn’t it? Nowadays there are more kinds of yoga than there are butts in a yoga class. And we as a culture can’t get enough of dude-tastic portmanteau wordplay – mancation, bromance, a whole new brocabulary, in fact.

McGinn goes on:

“We chose the name broga because it’s funny, catchy and familiar. It lets men know this is for them,” Adam O’Neill, the president and co-founder of broga, told MSN.

The thinking behind it: A lot of guys might want to try yoga but would be uncomfortable in classes taught and attended by women. Broga sessions are open to all, but they are “geared for guys,” Mr. O’Neill said.

How so? For one, talk of chakras is kept to a minimum, with classes favouring “familiar language” over Sanskrit. And the music played in classes is what you might expect to hear in a garage, including the Black Keys, Radiohead and Bob Dylan.

Another chapter in the great book of protecting men from the taint of femininity (see here on brogrammers).

Oh yes, brogrammers. I’ve been looking around for brogrammar ‘grammar for dudes, men’s language’, but without finding any authentic examples of the term. Go with it, guy linguists.



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