The brokini

(After the fashion prelude, there’s a postlude about sexual desirability and, surprise, casual mansex (plus Herb Simon) — discussed in (for me) exceptionally decorous terms, but still the acts alluded to are inappropriate for talk to kids or the sexually modest.)

Surely inevitable, given mankini (see below) and all the brocabulary reported on in my Page on these terms, but here it is:

(#1) From the Canoe site, “Brokini not a homage to Borat’s mankini” by Jenny Yen on 8/25/20; caption for this photo:”Two Toronto entrepreneurs have come up with the Brokini — a one-shoulder swimsuit for men that comes in either a pineapple or flamingo print (photo by

(Hat tip to Daniel Elwell on Facebook.)

Form the Canoe story:

“We wanted a change in the way men’s bathing suits looked,” said Taylor Field, who along with his business partner Chad Sasko, came up with Brokinis, a one-shoulder bathing suit for men.

“We wanted something fun and daring and took some confidence to wear and this is what we came up with.”

The design is along the same vibe as neon lime green sling swimsuit modelled by Sacha Baron Cohen in the film Borat, except the Brokini has one shoulder strap instead of two and there’s more … coverage in the nether-regions.

“No real direct inspiration from Borat,” said Field.

“Definitely, he wore it best and can’t compete with that. Ours is a lot less risque. We want people to wear it everywhere.”

Both Field and Sasko, who are in their early 30s,  said they have “zero fashion background between us,” but launched the brand three weeks ago after the 10-month design process.

… The daring suits come in a pineapple — or “fine-apple” — print or a “bromingo” flamingo print, with more designs to come in the future.

On the Borat reference, from my 6/26/17 posting “Put a sock on it in parade season”:

(#2) The mankini, one of the most minimal of swimsuits / underwear for men, just one step above the cock sock

A cock sock can be stabilized by a more substantial strap, yielding the mankini, or slingshot thong

Famously worn by the character Borat:

(#2) Sacha Baron Cohen as chauvinistic Kazakh reporter Borat Sagdiyev in a highlighter-green mankini that, once seen, could never be unseen

Notes on sexual desirability. A personal note about the guy in #1 (who serves as the Brokini model more generally). He is of a very attractive body type — a swimmer body, in the vocabulary of gay body types — but with pasty-white skin, utterly smooth and hairless, and so unarousing to me.

These things are complex. If he was turned on by me and offered his body to me, I would of course take it; we would be satisfying mutual urgent desires, and for that you disregard any number of failures of perfect fit. You satsfice.

From NOAD:

verb satisficeformal accept an available option as satisfactory: it talks about telling you not to just satisfice but to always look for the best.

(I think the term goes back to Herb Simon, but now taken from his technical context and made into an everyday term.)

Satisficing is pretty much how casual mansex works, and I’ve come to think that that’s a good thing. On the forms of casual mansex at issue here, from my 1/20/16 posting “From Yaosabi news”:

the t-room (a men’s room used for male-male sexual hookups, especially in glory-hole and under-partition sex between men in adjacent stalls, acts that are typically performed under the cloak of anonymity)

By mostly nonverbal means, you ask for a penis, and then you get one, and you get the pleasure of servicing it (you will eventually get your own serviced too). In my experience (from decades ago) you accept with pleasure whatever is offered to you; every penis is beautiful and desirable, each in its own way. (In my experience, however men might have acted in face-to-face encounters, whatever they might have sought in a boyfriend, in the glory-hole / under-partition context, nobody ever rejected an offer. You satisficed.)

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