Bro Buddies

(Men’s bodies and mansex discussed in very plain language — not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

Bro Buddies, a recent gay porn flick from Falcon Studios, with three topics plucked from it: a bit of sexual slang; facial expressions communicating sexual messages and expressing emotions during sex; and detached body parts that take on a life of their own. Two images (way over the line for WordPress) are stashed away in a posting today on AZBlogX, “Cock run amok”; they’ll be described below.

Sexual slang. The premise, which isn’t intricate:

Tucked away in the Las Vegas suburbs, is the ‘Bro Buddies’ house rigged at every corner with cameras and bareback hunks fucking with zero abandon at every chance they get.

The Falcon description goes on with breathless scene-by-scene summaries. And concludes:

when you need to bust a nut, log on and tune into the studs in the ‘Bro Buddies’ house as they suck and fuck their way to drained balls, live on camera.

I’ve boldfaced the sexual slang to bust a nut ‘to ejaculate, orgasm’, based on nut ‘testicle’. (As it happens, both to bust and to nut are attested as synonyms.)

From’s slang dictionary, which also supplies the inevitable bad-taste squirrel joke:


Originally, to bust a nut meant “to ejaculate” but also ”to work hard,” perhaps a variation of a similar expression bust your conk, meaning “to work hard at a task.”

Use of bust a nut to mean “ejaculate” was popular in 1970s Blaxploitation pornography, although it’s likely that the expression was in oral use amongst black Americans prior.

Facial expressions 1. On the cover of the DVD, from AZBlogX:

(#1) Four of the buddies, each with a different facial expression (but none doing a heavy cruise); one offering his ass, three their dicks (each with its own angle: up, out, and down)

The facial expressions, with the ass and dicks cropped out:


The men are trying to communicate some sexual connection with the viewer, consistent with the flick’s theme of being sex buddies: hot and available for sharing.

Facial expressions 2. Also on AZBlogX, a pair of posed stills from the flick, both illustrating the inscrutability of facial expressions out of context. The bottom one appears, most entertainingly, to show a fat cock run amok, threatening one of the characters by seeming to crawl across his cheek like a giant slug, so he views it with apparent panicked horror (though that was clearly not the makers’ intent). I find this image hilarious and am truly sorry I can’t show it to you on WordPress; the slug-like cock consumes about half the space, so there’s no way I can crop it or fuzz things out. My caption there:

(#2) In the bottom frame: “Oh my god, it’s creeping across my cheek! It’s going to spray me with death jizz! Aieee! I am undone!”

No doubt his expression was intended to be one of open-mouthed uncontrollable desire to suck that fat cock. Facial expressions, however, are notoriously open to multiple interpretations.

Detached body parts strike out on their own. The ominous creeping penis is in a long line of body parts that have taken on lives of their own, sometimes disastrously, sometimes comically, sometimes pointedly. A few highlights. (This is in no way intended to be an exhaustive survey, just a few notable items.)

Hands. A particularly rich vein. From Wikipedia:


The Beast with Five Fingers is a 1946 mystery horror film directed by Robert Florey from a screenplay by Curt Siodmak, based on a short story written by W. F. Harvey and first published in 1919 in The New Decameron. The film stars Robert Alda, Victor Francen, Andrea King, and Peter Lorre.

And then, still in the horror vein, also from Wikipedia:

The Hand is a 1981 American psychological horror film written and directed by Oliver Stone, based on the novel The Lizard’s Tail by Marc Brandell. The film stars Michael Caine and Andrea Marcovicci. Caine plays Jon Lansdale, a comic book artist who loses his hand, which in turn takes on a murderous life of its own.

But then in the comic vein. From Wikipedia:


Thing T. Thing, often referred to as just Thing, is a fictional character in The Addams Family series. Thing was originally conceived as a whole creature (always seen in the background watching the family) that was too horrible to see in person. The only part of it that was tolerable was its human hand (this can be seen in the 1964 television series). The Addamses called it “Thing” because it was something that could not be identified. Thing was changed to a disembodied hand for the 1991 and 1993 Addams Family films.

Breasts. Two items from 1972. First, the comical. From Wikipedia:


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) is a 1972 American sex comedy film directed by Woody Allen. It consists of a series of short sequences loosely inspired by Dr. David Reuben’s 1969 book of the same name.
… segment 6 Are the Findings of Doctors and Clinics Who Do Sexual Research and Experiments Accurate? … The segment culminates with a scene in which the countryside is terrorized by a giant runaway breast created by the researcher. The first part of this segment is a parody of Ed Wood’s Bride of the Monster, while the second part parodies The Blob.

Then the pointed and reflective. From Wikipedia:

The Breast (1972) is a novella by Philip Roth, in which the protagonist, David Kepesh, becomes a 155-pound breast. Throughout the book Kepesh fights with himself. Part of him wishes to give in to bodily desires, while the other part of him wants to be rational.

Another wayward penis. From Wikipedia:

“Detachable Penis” is a song by avant-garde band King Missile. It was the first single from the band’s 1992 album Happy Hour

After a night of heavy drinking, the narrator awakens to find his penis is missing, which has happened on similar occasions. Despite his best efforts, he is unable to recover his penis.

Depressed, he goes to Kiev Restaurant for breakfast. He encounters a street vendor who has possession of the missing penis. He negotiates the price and buys his penis back. He reattaches it at home.

Detachable everything. The Mr. Potato Head children’s toy, in which the characters can be disassembled into their body parts, is a rich source of humor in cartoons. For some postings of mine on these cartoons, search for the Potato Head cartoon meme in my Page on comic conventions.

3 Responses to “Bro Buddies”

  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    On LiveJournal, Robert Coren notes the Falcon text:

    bareback hunks fucking with zero abandon at every chance they get.

    And critiques it:

    “With zero abandon”? Almost certainly not what they meant.

    Yes, they meant “with total abandon”. Or maybe something like “with zero caution / modesty”.

  2. chrishansenhome Says:

    ‘Use of bust a nut to mean “ejaculate” was popular in 1970s Blaxploitation pornography, although it’s likely that the expression was in oral use amongst black Americans prior.’

    I follow a goodly number of black and Latino men on Snapchat. While I don’t think you meant that the phrase wasn’t being used after 1970’s blaxploitation films were popular, this phrase is still used today, often as “buss a nut” or, perhaps giving it greater force, “bust a nutt” with a double-t.

    The slang, abbreviations, and acronyms used in Snapchat are interesting to me.

    PMOYS: Put Me On Your Snapchat (refers to “streaks”, where people exchange pictures and show them on each other’s Snapchat account. This is a means of spreading connections.)

    “finna” Going to. It took me a while to figure this out as I had a hard time getting past the fact that “going to” has no “F”. “Finna slap your face.” for example.

    asf: “as fuck”. Usually used in a phrase such as “Fine asf”

    There are lots more. I suppose there are probably already doctoral theses on the Language of Snapchat.

  3. arnold zwicky Says:

    The quotation was not from me, and it was about the origin and early uses of the expression, assuming that it continues today.

    “finna” and “asf” (or “af”) predate Snapchat, whose users just picked the expressions up from elsewhere.

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