Balloon quotes

No, not speech balloons in the comics, with quoted speech inside them (though those are of considerable interest), but quotations made up of inflated balloons mounted on a vertical surface (in a form of performance art), which are then photographed, to yield the enduring art works: balloon-quote photography. The artist is Michael James Schneider, using the name blcksmth. His recent work Hustle Memory:


(Hat tip to Sandy Littletree, who pointed me to Schneider when the image in #1 appeared without attribution on FB on 4/27.)

Two more of these. On being gay/queer, on his website on 3/23/19:


And a self-defeating meta-reflection on his art, on his website on 10/4/19:


Schneider’s characteristically self-deprecating thumbnail description of himself:

Michael James Schneider is a writer and artist living in Portland, Oregon. He takes a lot of pictures of himself falling down.

He’s a tremendously prolific artist and writer, turning out fiction, frequent self-deprecating diaristic postings on his romantic and sexual life, and a huge range of photography besides the balloon quotations, for instance this wry play on red flag:


Background notes. There’s a Page on this blog with links to postings about speech balloons.

Then postings on this blog on the issue in #3 above:

on 12/5/10 in “But is it art?”: about Dinosaur Comics, with references to the captioning of found images, Duchamp, Holzer, and Ruscha

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— plus ecards and other texty creations; see the Page on this blog on ecards and their texty kin (which blcksmth’s balloon quotations are closely related to)




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