New Yorker bro-toon

Another marcher in the great parade of brocabulary, from the October 17th New Yorker: broductivity (bro + productivity):


(by Benjamin Schwartz)

So much for the self-satisfied fist bump.

Hoping that bro-toons would have been used to refer to cartoons with bro content, and there certainly are a number of those, but not, apparently, under that name. Instead, I came across the pair of musicians Bro & Toons. They’re French, from Avignon, they describe themselves in English as companions, but that’s just a translation of compagnons ‘buddies, mates’, and the do minimal techno, or as they sometimes say, “minimal progressive little trance”. Boukorras Luc and Thomas Erb:


You can listen to Bro & Toons here, doing “Extermination (Original Mix) (Sorry I’m Minimal)”. The graphic:


The names of bands and the names of sounds are both often inscrutable, and in this case we’re dealing with some mixture of French and English, so I really have no idea where Bro & Toons comes from.

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