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A grab-bag of stuff here, beyond the 60s clothes: the playful coolth (which has been around for some time) and Clauditude (certainly special to Zippy); the punning allusion to John Donne’s “Ask not for whom the bells toll; they toll for thee”; and the extra language play in the title, on polyester.

Eleganza Fashions (aka African Eleganza Fashions) is still in business, but in much reduced form; its Facebook page says it’s located at

2045 University Blvd #4 (BEHIND DUNKIN DONUTS), Hyattsville, Maryland

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  1. Metatext handout | Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] But titles have other uses. A great many Zippys have titles, but these are rarely just helpful topic declarations; instead, they are additional jokes, beyond the ones in the body of the comic, providing second smiles, as in this example, from my posting “Eleganza” of o3/5/14 : […]

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