Odds and ends 12/20/15

(There’s some gay sex stuff in the last section, not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Four items that have come my way recently, all with some language play in them. Two are Christmas-related: a Green Eggs and Ham tie and a Rhymes With Orange cartoon. One has a jokey wine label. One has a wonderful invented name for a gay pornstar (and that leads to Arab characters in gay porn).

The tie. A recent novelty tie from Steven Levine on Facebook:


That’s Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat from Green Eggs and Ham. (On the book, see my 10/22/14 posting, which has links to earlier postings on Dr. Seuss. On Steven’s novelty ties, see my 11/157/15 posting, where two of them are pictured, as #4 and #5). The relevant lines:

You may like them. You will see.
You may like them in a tree!

The maker of the tie has turned the tree in the book into a Christmas tree. Notice the green eggs and ham at the top of the tree. All very festive.

Rhymes on trimming. Hilary Price’s cartoon:


A play on two senses of trim. From NOAD2:

make (something) neat or of the required size or form by cutting away irregular or unwanted parts: trim the grass using a sharp mower

decorate (something)

There’s a third sense that’s holiday-related, but not alluded to in the cartoon:

(the trimmings) informal  the traditional accompaniments to something, especially a meal or special occasion: roast turkey with all the trimmings

Au contraire, mon ami. The (silly) label from a bottle of wine recommended by my server at Reposado yesterday, Olmer Ortiz:


Not what you expect, my friend: the mouse outweighs the elephant.

The wine was fabulous. From the Wine.com site about it:

Winemaker’s Notes: An elegant and silky mouthfeel with fine-grained tannins and firm acidity showcase the wine’s ripe red fruit. Pairs well with grilled and roasted meats such as lamb, pork, poultry, duck and light sauces, or with delicate cheeses.

The wine is a blend of Sonoma Coast vineyards from Sebastopol, CA to the new Fort-Ross Seaview AVA overlooking the Pacific. The full spectrum of Pinot Noir clones are represented in this wine

Wine Enthusiast: “Light and spicy, this hails from cool-climate sites. It is exhilarating in cinnamon and clove, with a structured core of wild strawberry and a finish of fennel. The aromas of violet that waft forward on the nose are incredibly inviting, as is the wine’s silky texture.

Arab characters in gay porn. (SEXUAL CONTENT WARNING) Joking with my friend Juan yesterday. We stumbled into the names of gay pornstars (and of gay pornflicks), many of which are preposterous plays on words. Juan suggested Sodom Hussein as a great name, given the penchant of many gay men for Arab men; there are falafel queens out there, who have a preference for Arab or Middle Eastern men (or men of such descent) as sexual or romantic partners, and there are a huge number who find such men to be be powerful objects of fantasy. Like black men, such men are perceived to be hypermasculine and so serve as tops (in anal intercourse) in many gay men’s fantasies. Put bluntly, lots of gay men fantasize about being fucked, sodomized, by an Arab (or by more than one).

So I searched for Arabs in gay porn and found lots of links. In particular, I found a link to a video that was billed as an Arab fucking a hungry (white) bottom. A very satisfying and well-made video it is — but I recognized it as a scene from the Michael Lucas porn flick Men in Love, set in Ibiza, and pairing top Will Helm (who is French and not of Arab descent) with bottom Damien Crosse (who is Cuban American). A shot from this scene, in which you can see that fucking is going on but no dicks are visible (yes, the scenery is amazing):


(Brief posting on AZBlogX on 1/1/12 about this flick, where I wrote:

On New Year’s Day, from the Michael Lucas studios, this stirring ad for their porn flick Men in Love: photos from the scene “Overlooking the Sea”, with Will Helm (the leaner man, with facial hair) and Damien Crosse (the beefier man, cleaner-shaven)

(Both men have notable tattoos.) The two actors, Helm and then Crosse, in cocktease publicity shots for the movie:



There are Arab actors in gay porn, but apparently not enough for the many gay men with fantasies of being fucked by an Arab, so any pornstar with Mediterranean good looks and the appropriate facial hair can be framed as an Arab top.

Crosse is clean-shaven in this scene (to make a nice contrast to his top), but he often goes about with the appropriate facial hair, so he could be pressed into service as an Arab if a director wanted to frame him that way. Here he is, very hot indeed, at the Folsom Street Fair (in S.F.) in May 2010:


(Intense eyes on Helm in #5, Crosse in #7.)

From WayBig.com on Helm:

French pornstar Will Helm is a proud and strong power top who loves nothing more than fucking a good bottom who knows how to take it and loves every second of it. Will started performing in gay porn to have fun and he loves fucking guys who have ripped muscles and excited assholes!

Crosse is versatile, but he gets fucked quite a lot in porn. For instance, there’s a film Hunger Gangbang in which he plays a slutty pig, enthusiastically taking on a gang of men, both in his mouth and in his ass (and then they come on his face), so it’s a gangsuck, a gangbang, and a bukkake flick all rolled into one. It’s notable that this flick was made by the company Stag Homme, which is owned by Crosse and his husband.

From Wikipedia:

Damien Crosse is an American gay pornographic film actor [a Cuban American born in Miami in 1982] and magazine model. He was an exclusive for Titan Media 2006-2008. Crosse is currently under contract with Raging Stallion Studios. In 2008, Crosse and gay adult performer Francesco D’Macho launched Stag Homme Studios, a production label based in Madrid. The real-life partners will be prominently featured in live webcasts, DVDs and other content. In 2009 he was living in Madrid, Spain … where, in June 2009, he married … D’Macho.

Two final notes. First, lots of American gay men fantasize about getting fucked by an Arab (from the Middle East), and lots of French gay men fantasize about getting fucked by an Arab — but a North African Arab. (There’s some hot French gay porn on the subject.) North African Arabs then roughly fill the role for French white gay men that African Americans do for American white gay men. The wages of history.

Second, it looks like many gay men have extended the gay partner-preference snowclonelet X queen from actual partner preference to fantasy partner preference, so that you could be a falafel queen just by finding Arab men really hot in your fantasies.

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