Hugely muscular androgyny

About bodies and their presentations.

This remarkable image today in a Daily Jocks ad:


A deliberate (and elaborate) mix of gender messages, but primarily framed as male — this is a men’s underwear site, after all, and the model has a notable Adam’s apple and really serious musculature (even though such muscles have been achieved by some female bodybuilders — but that’s genderbending too).

But the hair. And especially the clothes.

For comparison, this halter-top two-piece bikini available on Amazon:


The description (untouched) on

ADFOLF Womens High Neck Halter Bikini Set Swimsuits 2 Pieces Bathing Suits Black

In #2 the openweave crochet top conceals the model’s breasts but also displays them, by making them semi-visible. In #1 the mesh top technically covers the model’s well-developed pecs and erect nipples while simultaneously dislaying them flagrantly.  (Premium men’s underwear ads are usually celebrations of shirtlessness. Their audience is seriously into the pleasures of the male torso — in addition, of course, to the primary foci, crotches and butts.)


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  1. ThatTran Says:

    Yo she’s hot and ripped as fuck, thanks for posting! Giving it as body inspo to my non-binary friend who I’m helping weight train!

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