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Over the years, I’ve posted (on AZBlogX and this blog) a number of paired photos, in several categories (some labeled as “bookends”), almost all supplied by Chris Ambidge. The most recent crop, on my X blog on the 6th, has three pairings: two of men clothed vs. unclothed, one of a (naked) young man in a front vs. a rear shot.

Some history:

4/26/11: “XXX 30 Porn-Star Portraits” on X blog: clothed vs. unclothed

5/2/11: “Jason & Jeremy, Jeremy & Jason” on X blog: clothed vs. unclothed

4/22/12: “Bookends” on X blog: two men in similar poses; two views of men in the same activity; two views of a man in the same activity; front vs. rear view of one man; three examples of clothed vs. unclothed

4/22/12: “Bookends” on this blog: link to previous, plus views of two women engaged in similar acrtivities

5/5/13: “A 5-pack” on this blog: with a father and son pairing, young vs. old

5/11/13: “Man shots 2: pairings” on X blog: side-by-side butts; pairing – confrontation or liaison?

2/7/15: “Captioned bookend 1” on this blog: pair of naked muscle hunks posing (mirror-image-style) on a tabletop

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