The t-shirt watch

Two t-shirts that came to my attention recently. The first is a Bad Panda, offered by CafePress for Fathers Day; maybe it’s the phallic theme (eats, shoots, and leaves?):

Then there’s a cute visual pun, an Emperor penguin from Woot (link from Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky):

The laurel wreath is especially nice.

4 Responses to “The t-shirt watch”

  1. Chris Ambidge Says:

    gotta watch out for us ailuropods

  2. Nelson Minar Says:

    That panda shows up stenciled on walls around Paris a lot. It’s often attributed to Banksy, but it’s actually by French artist Julien d’Andon. People like it; my photo of one from Montmartre is one of my most popular photos on Flickr (

  3. Tom V Says:

    The penguin picture reminds me of the French trailer for “March of the Penguins” (“Marche des Empereurs”) a few years ago. One person is describing the film while the other imagines the scenes with hundreds Napoleons instead of penguins.

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