On the rainbowwear beat

As we advance upon Pride Month…

Here on AZBlog, we do rainbowfare (food) and rainbowware (various manufactured objects) and lots of rainbow art — and also lots of rainbowwear (clothing — tons of underwear, but other stuff as well). Now, in the last category, from the Verillas Lifestyle company (modern kilts, kilt accessories, and Harry Potter / Nintendo accessories), the Versatta Pride Hybrid Kilt:

(Tip of the rainbow hat to Amanda Walker.)

Currently on sale for $149, down from $199. Some general ad copy:

Modern Kilts with removable pockets, and a guaranteed fit every time. Top shelf materials, and styles designed to blend with a t-shirt, a button up, or even your favorite festival wear. Gothic, Medieval, and Post Apocalyptic style elements make our kilts unique, with quality second to none.

You can present yourself all in black, and then suddenly flash your rainbow colors.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Aric Olnes on Facebook:

    Ooh, speaking of rainbowwear. This New Zealand’s rugby union team, the All Blacks, ad with the catchphrase “Diversity is Strength” has a clip with black fabric that reveals a hidden rainbow pattern when it is stretched out.

    From the NZ Herald on 4/29:

    Photos: New All Blacks jersey stretches to reveal a rainbow flag
    The All Blacks are showing huge support for the LGBTI community, reports The Hits.
    After Australian player, Israel Folau’s comments saying ‘God’s plan’ for people was ‘HELL’, the All Blacks has shown its solidarity with the rainbow community.
    Firstly the team released a video supporting diversity and inclusion in the sport.
    Standing alongside the women’s rugby team, the Black Ferns, a voiceover tells viewers the ‘next battle’ is ‘formidable’.
    ‘The next battle is different,’ the voiceover says
    ‘The next battle is truly formidable and deeply devious. It is discrimination. An enemy that cannot be fought alone, it must be defeated together. It will take more than 15, it will takes thousands, millions.
    But something even cooler is coming!
    Insurance company AIG, who sponsors the All Blacks and Black Ferns, created the ad. Its #diversityisstrength campaign also includes a specially made All Blacks jersey which reveals the rainbow flag when stretched.
    The amazing jersey has rainbow stripes painted on both sides of the ribbed material. The way the fabric is painted the colors get into the fabric which is how the rainbow reveals itself when the material is stretched.

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