Dressing for June

(Not much about language. Warning: eventually there will be hunky young men wearing virtually nothing.)

As part of the run-in to Pride Month, the Out Magazine June-July issue has a page on clothes for the occasion:


I’m not aesthetically moved by most of these, though I do like the Levi’s socks; and at $15 a pair they’re the closest thing there is to an affordable item in the set. Second on the economic front ($28 a pair) is the Mack Weldon underwear — but you’re probably wondering what black trunks are doing in a display of Pridewear. Seems they’re a stand-in for a line of underwear in hot rainbow colors, one color per skivvy. (There’s a Page on this blog on rainbow underwear, if you’d like to explore a more conventional approach.)

Here’s an ad for the Mack Weldon line:


With extravagant winking ad copy (including boys for testicles):

This Mack Weldon Pride Pack ($135) is equipped with Mack Weldon styles in colors that make up the pride flag: a Red Heather boxer brief, a Tyrian Purple boxer brief, a Lemon Yellow trunk, a Nectarine Orange trunk, an Army Green brief, and a Cendre [Fr. ‘cinder, ash’; cf. Cendrillon ‘Cinderella’] Blue brief.

The boxer briefs, trunks, and briefs used for the Mack Weldon Pride Pack are made up of the Mack Weldon styles that are created from the ultra-soft 18 Hour Jersey. This pack will not only benefit the Human Rights Campaign, but it will also greatly benefit your package. Your boys will be resting in such a comfortable way – the way a man’s best friend deserves to be treated. And that is definitely something to feel prideful about during this Pride season! (link to Underwear Expert)

Here’s the Underwear Expert’s assemblage of six models in rainbow underwear, one color per man (from various designers):


If that isn’t minimal enough for you, here’s another set of models making a thongbow — a rainbow in things:


After this, we’d go to a set of cocksocks in rainbow colors — yes, such things exist — and that would have to go on AZBlogX.

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