Novelty ties

On the penguin watch.

On the front page of yesterday’s NYT, a color-splash of an ad for Salvatore Ferragamo ties, one of which clearly had litte penguins on it. Ferragamo novelty ties, 100% silk, selling for $190 each (fashion doesn’t come cheap) from Ferragamo, somewhat less at fine men’s clothing stores. The fish and penguin tie, in a thumbnail:


Another quirky themed tie, the semaphoring bear:


Now, three things: other items in the Ferragamo novelty-tie collection; the ad; and thematic ties (especially vintage ones) in general.

Ferragamo novelty ties. Also in the collection: monkey, cheetahs, lion on surfboard, swinging monkey, sailboat, zebra and palm, fish, anchor, horse and horseshoe, alligator,…

The NYT ad. The ad was definitely eye-catching, with the colorful ties fanned out. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to unearth a copy of the photo. But here’s another ad, less artfully designed, but still colorful:


Vintage ties. For a while now, my friend Steven Levine has been posting to Facebook with photos of his vintage tie-of-the-day, from his enormous collection of wonderful quirky ties, all bought for a (very short) song at second-hand stores, estate sales, and the like. Two with abstract designs:



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