Cats in hats

Yesterday’s Bizarro, a Wayno/Piraro collabo, an homage to hats:

(#1) (If you’re puzzled by the odd symbols in the cartoon — Dan Piraro says there are 3 in this strip — see this Page.)

Wayno himself, on his Facebook page, titles this his “Sartorial Autobiography”, and provides a thumbnail of himself in the hat.

Meanwhile, I posted the cartoon on the FB page of Steven J. Levine, who is sartorially celebrated on several fronts, including his immense affection for fedora-style hats.

Wayno, lookin’ sharp in that hat:


Now, Steven. Steven has an eye for clothing and its messages. He famously wears a different tie to work every day (and has been doing this for a few years), posting a photo every day with his choice, with comments on its style and origin. He discovers gorgeous patterned shirts and amazing footwear (in rainbow colors, if possible). He’s a devoted Morris dancer, resplendent in the full traditional costume. For some audiences, he appears in his self-mocking BIG FAG t-shirt. Most of this I’ve posted about on this blog.

But not, I see, his affection for hats. Just two photos, both taken by Jim Pfau:

(#3) 10/18/16, at the Urban Growler Brewing Co. Oh yes, Steven also beats the bass drum for the Minnesota Freedom Band

(#4) 5/1/17, May Day morning

My own adventures in Hatland have mostly been cowboy (or western) hats, beginning with this number I bought at a hat store (long long gone) on University Avenue in Palo Alto in 1981:

(#5) Blue exercise ball sporting my cowboy hat. In the background: a riot of plants on my patio; left to right: foliage of callas; multi-color coleus; a succulent garden with blue chalk sticks and echeveria ‘Blue Curls’; foliage of cymbidium orchids

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