Packages in jeans

(Not about language, but about clothing that displays men’s bodies.)

Seen in a 1991 episode “The Celebrity” of Matlock this morning, actor Barry Sattels filling a pair of jeans in an especially attractive fashion — short of a moose knuckle, but showing off his package very nicely in a V. I haven’t been able to find a shot of this display, but here are four of other men with similar displays.





#2 is my favorite, but because of his face as much as his package.

These photos are definitely on the good side of the X line, but there are problematic cases. As I wrote in the posting “X or not” last month:

A few days ago, an intense Benno Thoma postcard from Max Vasilatos (in an envelope), with the note: “This could probably go in the regular mail, but I’m taking no chances.” The issue is whether the image counts as X-rated or not; Max and I fairly often puzzle over the categorization of images, sometimes for the purpose of mailing and sometimes for the purpose of posting in certain places on the net (like this blog). The line isn’t clear.

… Now from art to clothing, and the concealing or revealing of a man’s package by various sorts of clothing. Here the range is from hung guys, men who naturally have large packages that will be discernible under clothing; to those with enhanced packages, wearing clothing designed to show off the genitals (dance belts, codpieces, and the like …); to men sporting moose knuckles (in trousers; in gym shorts, swim trunks, wrestling singlets, and other sports clothing; and in underwear, especially tight, abbreviated, or sheer underwear); and then to men in underwear that embraces genital nudity frankly (I’ve posted a number of times on AZBlogX about these items). For the underwear, the questions are: how tight is too tight? how abbreviated is too abbreviated? and how sheer is too sheer? And once again, the lines are hard to draw.

My 3/21 posting on a Jon Hamm moose knuckle has an inventory of moose-knuckle postings — to which can now be added an example from model Philip Fusco, #6 in this posting.

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