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Yesterday’s Zippy has Zippy and Griffy riffing, as they so often do, on some aspect of popular culture — in this case, on clothing these days:


In general, the diners in these strips have no special relationship — via their names, themes, or locations — to the topic of discussion: they’re just places for Zippy and Griffy to exchange opinions.

This particular place is The Hollywood in Dover DE, and Zippy and Griffy have been there at least twice before.

On 8/14/12 in “Zippy’s movie career”:

(#2) Same artwork as #1, different topic; photo of the diner in the posting

On 8/1/17 “Zippy and Griffy on the Hanna-Barbera diner tour”:

(#3) Other artwork, another topic; photo of the diner in the posting


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