Zippy’s movie career

Today’s Zippy:

Another meta-posting, about the world in which Zippy and Griffy etc. “live” vs. the real world.

This time I’m able to identify the diner in which this odd exchange is taking place: the Hollywood Diner on Rte. 13 in Dover DE:

According to this site, the diner (built c. 1954, with a car from the Fodero Dining Car Company) has been remodeled (photos on the site); this is the diner before it got glitzed up.

Now note the link in the cartoon, to a Zippy the Pinhead page on an ill-fated project, 1995-2001, for a Zippy animated tv series, and before that (1984-1995) for a movie. The site has all the materials for developing the tv series, including this assemblage of the cast of characters for the strip:

And, as a bonus for linguists and comics scholars, a page on Zippy’s speech (“Zipspeak”), with the note:

In Zippy’s case, it was important that his “elliptical” way of speaking be understood by the writers, so the Bible [the planning book for the series] contained a page describing (maybe over-describing) Zippy’s musical approach to speech.


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