The family fetish

(Men’s bodies, mansex, and elaborate incest fantasies, discussed in street language, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

The raw material for this posting is in two AZBlogX postings:

from 3/16/18 “On the fetish patrol: FamilyDick”, on a March 16th ad for the Michael Lucas FamilyDick line of inter-family gay sex porn

from 3/17/18 “Josman’s family”, on comics by the artist Josman depicting  ecstatic interfamilial mansex

There’s a striking difference in the way incest is handled in filmed porn (like Lucas’s FamilyDick videos) vs. printed porn (written fiction as on the website, comics like those by Josman), a difference that’s tied to the way gay porn treats identities — by tending to conflate the real-life actors, their pornstar personas, and the characters they portray in particular flicks. The result is that in filmed porn, the (fantasy) incest is only step-incest (typically, pairing stepfather and stepson or two stepbrothers), while in printed porn, the (fantasy) incest frankly and celebratorily pairs father and son or two brothers.

So, yes, this is about porn, but it’s also about the conventions of narrative.

FamilyDick. The ad header, and a cropped version of its central imagine for the video “Daddy’s Little Boy”:

(#1, 2)

In the full image, Dad, kissing Son, has his hand on Son’s Dick. In accompanying images in the ad, Son sucks Dad, jacks him off while Dad kisses him, and gets fucked by Dad. In the FamilyDick world, it’s submissive Sons serving dominant Dads.

From my XBlog discussion:

Not just (step)dad and (step)son — the site shies away from actual incest — but other family sex (sex between stepbrothers, sex with uncles) too, and more generally intergenerational sex.
Porn fiction, as on the nifty website, revels in gay incest of all kinds (especially between fathers and sons and between brothers), as do some gay comic-book artists (like Josman). Gay porn flicks, which are equally fictional enterprises, could well do the same, depicting incest between characters on-screen, but the porn firms seem to be committed to the (preposterous) fiction that the actors in their flicks are actually (step)dads and (step)sons — “real dads and sons” — and so on, so sex between them would be illegal (though of course the fantasy of such sex is a powerful one for some gay men).

There are actually (at least) three identities here: the real-life men who act in gay porn (they have their own real names, and lives that we know very little, if anything, about); the pornstars, with their stage names and (usually) with public lives as celebrities in the porn world; and the characters these porn stars portray in specific films or videos. These characters often have no names in their scenes; in discussions of filmed porn, it’s customary to refer to the characters by their pornstar’s names, as if there were no difference between them.

Then since the real-life men who do the acting are known almost entirely through their pornstar personas, all three identities are compressed into one, the pornstar. A character having sex with a character who is his son becomes a pornstar having sex with a pornstar who is his son (in the porn world), and that in turn becomes a real man having sex with his real son, which is illegal most places and is seriously squicky in any case.

So filmed porn steers clear of repesenting actual incest, portraying step-incest instead, while talking about “real dads and sons” so as to get the kick of powerful incest fantasies.

Josman and his kin. Things are different in printed porn. These are narratives in which the figure of the creator — the author or artist — figures prominently, and is regularly distinguished from the narrator, and the narrator from characters in the narrative. Even in first-person narration; it’s customary for the stories on — largely first-person narratives — to be labeled as fiction, as fantasy or as mostly fantasy taking off from something in the author’s personal experience.

These authors and artists are then free to pursue anything, no matter how extreme, that their audience might derive pleasure and stimulation from.  The incest fetish is explored all over, including in sections mostly denoted to something else (like raunch, or BDSM).

And then there’s Josman, the high priest of gay incest porn. Well, as I put it in a 4/27/16 posting “Sex comics: the kinksters”, there’s

Josman, who does some simple boy-on-boy sex, but specializes in intergenerational sex, with a lot of piss

So, two fetishes for the price of one.

The cover of Josman’s 2006 booklet Handjobs, a collection of his sex comics, with a Son enjoying his Dad’s armpit:

(#3) Note the table of contents

Josman pretty well covers the territory. There’s dads on sons, sons on dads, three-generation orgies, brothers going at it, kids servicing scoutmasters and park rangers, whatever, all with tremendous enthusiasm, and occasional piss breaks.

Strictly within the family, on my XBlog…

#2 there, one page from “The Night Visitor”, dad on son, the text:

In no time I find myself on my back and the incredible hairy hulk is right on top of me, pumping his huge meat into my cute ass

He starts to get more aggressive, hurling filthy words at me

He keeps calling me his boy bitch

I love being his sex toy

I sense the big man is about to climax

He created me therefore he has the right to use and abuse me as he likes

I beg him to cum inside me.

And #3 there, a page with fraternal 69, the text:

[big bro] Shit! Never had a blow-job as good as this before! Let me suck you too, Mike.

[little bro] Oh, yeah!

[big bro] How about a sixty-nine? Wanna give it a try, little brother?

[little bro, internal monologue] After years of secret lust for my brother, it was a real thrill to feel his warm furry skin next to mine. And to suck his big beautful cock!


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