AZBlogX: rear view, full frontal, harnesses

Over on AZBlogX this morning, three postings: two with images sent to me by Chris Ambidge (seven celebrating male butts, in a variety of settings, in “Rear views”; and four celebrating penises, in “Full frontal”), plus one posting on “Harnesses”, inspired by an image of a leather hunk in a cross harness in “Rear views”.

The images in “Rear views” aren’t X-rated, but they’re of no particular linguistic interest. The images in “Full frontal” are, of course, all X-rated. Only one of the images in “Harnesses” is X-rated, but the posting is drenched in sexual content. On the other hand, there’s some discussion of “flagging” one’s sexual interests (communicating these in public) by choice of clothing.

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